And Then Came Love - Roberta Leigh I have mixed feelings about this story. There were many things found interesting and different. The H was the same height as the h and was described in the beginning as stocky. He was also crude compared to her, a self-made man who earned his riches. He was dripping with faults but you still liked him better in the beginning because the h came off as snooty and pretentious. You don't totally hate her though cause you could see that some of how she was was just her society. But then our boy goes and does the big Oh-No that took all of my sympathy. And he continued to do it. Even the excuse at the end didn't fix it for me. In my book, he turned out to be the low class loser she thought him to be in the beginning. I'm still glad I read it. Definitely took you on an interesting trip if you can get over that the H is a scumbag, money or not.

Edited on 08.21.12
Ok, this story won't leave me alone. I thought this H was not redeemable but after having some time to think about it, I've decided that I can understand the H's point of view and he's forgiven ;D. What he was reacting to was pretty bad. It was a low low insult from this woman he was just crazy about in front of his snooty competition (for her love). He was a very proud man and this would've been one of the worst kinds of hurts for this man. One of the few times I would forgive a H for being a cheating scumbag ;D And I'm also giving it an extra star for its staying power.