Lawman (STP - Mira) - Diana Palmer 3.5 stars

Welp. I went looking for one with an uber-mean, nasty dude and got it. The first half wasn't anything special, though the topic of multiple child murders was disturbing.

A little over half-way, our typical Diana Palmer alphahole took a deep dive into the cruel and unforgivable. Me being the trainwreck ho that I am, perked to attention. He stayed pretty disagreeable until almost the very end. After finishing the story, I'm still wondering if he could be believed or forgiven.

There was no true cheating, unfortunately. That always spices things up. Or maybe there was. It never said specifically. There was definitely high doses of verbal abuse and public humilation that was cringe-worthy. I have no idea how she's ever going to be able to show her face again if she stays with him. I still hate his guts...which is always a recipe for a good time in my opinion.

So if you're looking for a good angry/hater story, then you'll be a happy camper with this one.