One Night of Sin - Gaelen Foley
This was exactly what I expected. A pseudo-historical that implanted today's attitude's on people wearing historical attire, with the most interesting characters being the bad guys.

The heroine is running from her evil cousin who's a Russian prince (though she's not Russian). He plans to make her succumb to his authority, ravish her and then marry her off to some big smelly just because he feels like it. She runs for it and is chased to London where she meets the hero and decides she'd rather have him pop her cherry if it's going to happen anyway. Then off goes the story with the H saving the h from the evil Russian cousin.

The evil Russian cousin was the best part of the story. Loved him. The author failed in a big way to make him as bad as all that. Even his big crime wasn't that big, really. And it was kind of the heroine's fault that the crime happened anyway (this guy got shot and killed while he and the heroine make a break for it). Except for having a harem of 14, Cuz was way hotter than the poor beta hero of the story.

The H was just cute....cute and sweet--the spoiled baby of the family. But he was a gigilo who sold his booty to a rich widow to pay off some debts. That made him a little more interesting for a few pages. There was a point in the book where the H needed some money to help the h. I was hoping he'd have to go sleep with the rich widow to get it. But alas, not that kind of story ;D I kept imagining him as a baby-faced little sweetie of a boy, which made it seriously hard to swallow that he was capable of all his heroic deeds (single handedly besting a small army of Russian, yeah), but then this story is sold in the fiction section.

The story wasn't bad though. Just not dark and gritty, which is how I like'em. And too nicey nice. For me, nice equals boring...or just not exciting, at least. But for those with a little less warped tastes, I'm sure this would be a very pleasant, light and fluffy read.