Buying MacKenzie's Baby - Kim Rees

Had to. Just had to stop what I was doing and fly through this one. It was just too ragey.

The story starts after a drunken night of hawt sex between the H&h after being divorced for seven years. The h thinks the H is a manwhore who can't keep it in his pants while he thinks she's a money grubbing little golddigger who only wants the shiny.

Where did this attitude come from? Well, from the h's sister, who would do anything to get her hands on the shiny herself.

Of course, said sister has been sucking Mary Sue dry for years and continued to do so while also bleeding the hero behind sis's back for FIVE YEARS without the heroine having a clue. But of course it was a platonic relationship. Sure, sure.

Seems everyone is clueless in this story. Either that or a bald-faced liar.

The h can't be totally blamed for her views of the H considering that she caught him actually making out with his personal assistant. Plus, women keep telling the h that they're all up in the the H's junk, including the sister.

Well, the sister's conniving is finally exposed at the end, and the h wants nothing more to do with the sociopath. But the H wants to welcome her back with open arms regardless of the years of heartache her lies and deception have caused. Maybe they had something going on after all, eh?

A totally angry wallbanger if I've ever read one. Fun, fun, fun!