False Colors - Alex Beecroft Loved this story! What an exciting trip! Don't approach this book thinking it's just some man-lurve erotica. Not even close. It was actually quite the nautical adventure that realistically depicted life of navy officers during wartime in the 1700s, with the added spice of a forbidden and dangerous developing love affair.

The romance was an uber slow burn with a lot of glitches, which includes one of the hero's Quaker upbringing and his struggle with his beliefs and what he feels. Done very respectfully and not preachy--some of my favorite parts of the story. There was the added tension of man-on-man relations being punishable by death during the time (that's always a mood killer) with some good ol' OM competition thrown in for good measure.

But like in all good adventures, there were viscious bad guys, unspeakable horrors, some heartbreakingly sad moments and scenes that just split your face smiling.

I love when I finish a book and still feel the whoosh from the ride. Everything was just right on. Definitely a keeper.