Island of the Dawn - Penny Jordan 3.5 stars. (Edited to add another star. This was just too insane not to give credit where credit's due.)
Some serious spoilers here. This one takes the cake for bizarro. This little morsel is about a blonde model who gets swept off her feet by a Greek Tycoon who has this sister from hell, and I mean a seriously whacked sister. She's actually his half sister who boldly screams and confronts the h, telling her how the H only married her for a cover for their love affair and that she and the H has been doing the deed for the past two years. Well, wisely our h takes off like a bat out of hell because there's no way she's going to live with a man who's simultaneously having an incestuous affair with his sister right in the house.

We learn all about the first defection in flashbacks. The story actually opens with the h being deserted by friend with no money and passport while on vacation back in Greece. Come to find out it's all a diabolical plan two years in the making, made by our H to recapture the h. She ended up on the H's private island where he had built swanky mansion reminiscent of where they spent their honeymoon. When they reunite, he tells her of his plan to kidnap her and force her back into the marriage in order for her to breed him sons. But of course, he had to bring his sister with him.

This sister...I'm just speechless. The sister was very openly provocative towards the H all the way through. She is constantly throwing her incestuous affair in the h's face and telling her the H only wants her so she can give him a son. She bombards the h in confrontations telling her how much the H loves her and how only she can give the H what he needs, other than children. She refuses to have anything to do with anyone else. The sister is constantly in their face and dominating the H's time. She repeatedly has these tantrums which requires the H to carry her off bridal style. It's so bad even the guests make comments that there's something wrong with that relationship. Understandably the h knows she can't live with this person in her life and tries to talk to the H but every conversation is always interrupted or put off.

At one point the h was making for another escape, but the H outsmarted her by switching yachts (pshhh!) and actually had the good sense to stay away with just the h for a while. To tell the truth, I'm surprised the sister didn't show up on a dingy screeching and going on. I can't tell you really what happened while they were away on the boat because I just skimmed through because I needed to get back to the screaming sister.

I know it was full of pages of bonding and wonderful nights in port. And they were just in the middle of doing it one more time when the H gets another interruptive call about the sister (surprise!) Seems she ran away and he had to leave immediately, braving a deadly storm, to go find her.

All through this story, the h has been playing second fiddle to this little sister, so she's mad that they have to come back from their peaceful sail aboard the love boat just to look for her but she goes along with it with plans to talk to him, but of course there's always something more important. After said skank is found, the H&h are making out when the sister bursts in on them screeching "how can you be with her like that when I need you?" She had been in the hospital but checked herself out just so she could interrupt them at just the right moment again.

The h wakes up in the middle of the night and goes looking for the H. She finds him of course on the sister's bed with her and hears her saying "make her go away. It's me you love. Let it be just us again" while rubbing all over him.

Well, that was it for the h. She doesn't confront him then, she waits until the next morning and tells him that once and for all, she's out of there. They never did talk about the sister.

Two months goes by and she runs into the lady who visited the island, the one who told her to lose the sister. The h confesses her love for the H but not what was going on between the H and his sister. She is then served with divorce papers. When she shows up to finalize things, instead of it being the attorney, it's the H.

You have to know this story had a HEA but the ending was just too convenient. After the H makes this big plea "Tell me you love me. Mrs. Guest on Island told me you said you did. Please tell me because I love you too. Sorry I didn't tell you before but I didn't want to scare you away" or something else ridiculous like that and then after the I love yous, "Oh, and by the way, my sister's dead. Yeah, happened yesterday. (WTF!?!?!?!) It seems she got so depressed that she went crazy, just like her mother, and ultimately walked in front of a moving vehicle because she wasn't right in the head. Oh, and sorry about her telling you that we were having an affair. I had no idea that she could say such a thing." I mean really? Where has this guy been? And where's our confrontation when the sister is exposed in front of both the H and h? Where he tells her she's full of it and that he chooses the h over her and she'll have to go live her own life instead of staying there ruining their's. No! Getting flattened by a bus was such a cop out. But at least the sister was out of the picture.