Winter Heart - Lillian Cheatham

The ending ruined this story. Otherwise it would've been a decent, if not a little stupid, hatefest/revenge plot...despite a hero who couldn't see his nose if someone ripped it off and showed it to him.

The heroine covers for a worthless, self-centered stepsister who is indirectly/directly responsible for the deaths of the H's sister and brother-in-law, respectively. The H goes by name alone (creating a case of mistaken identity) and tricks the h into marrying him so he can take her to a nasty remote cabin in Colorado to enact his revenge by making her clean (I didn't say it made sense. I said it was a hatefest ;D)

Of course Mary Sue just loves to clean and she loves being with him whether he's wiping his feet on her tush or not so his revenge backfired a little. Reversing his proclamation that he wasn't going to consumate their marriage, he then pops her cherry and tortures her nightly by making her say she wants him before he gives her any. And in case you're curious, yes, he still thought she was a hussy, despite being a virgin. Heh. ;D

After she breaks the ultimate taboo by saying she loves him, he brings in the little sister for the h's final humiliation and we get all that angsty OW stuff before the h makes her escape.

Then the irrelevant, boring stuff comes in. She receives help from a bunch of practically total strangers who are all too willing to help her find convenient food and lodging. She gets a job and spends three months doing a bunch of filler stuff because apparently the author needed a page quota and couldn't think of anything else for the H & h to do together.

She finally decides to tell the H about the not-so-secret baby (you knew there was one, right?) and, voila! we find he's been watching her since the moment she left, like the crazy stalker that he is.

If the author had ended the story in the cabin, I would've given this baby 4 stars for its WTFery. Since she made me suffer all that extraneous BS, I'm docking it.

Don't read if you hate alphahole H's who unjustifiably emotionally and mentally torture the h for extended periods of time only to have them reunite in the end, sprinting through the meadow as if nothing happened.

BTW, the evil sister, she never got the revenge due her. She got a new wardrobe and a free ticket to California courtesy of the H. Yeah.