Slave to Love (Harlequin Presents, #1776) - Michelle Reid 3.5 stars rounded up.

I was going to avoid this one but heard it called "disturbing" and my draw to train wrecks pulled me in. However, I found this to be a rather fun story about a heroine, Roberta, who was fed up with playing second fiddle to an ex-wife and child (18 year old child), being chased hot and heavy by an overly amorous hero, Mac, who is unwilling to let her go.

Lot of angsty moments dealing with with H as well as neglectful parents and angry, teeth-gritting scenes when you just want to bash the H in the face with a lamp for the crap he loads onto the h.

Although the h did indeed let him get away with much more than he deserved, she at least let him have it in the kisser often and strongly enough to keep me from losing too much respect for her. The utter possessiveness and high grovel level from the H helped too.

So if you like them angry and angsty with an uber-possessive H who refuses to give up his territory, then this one might be fun for you.