An Uncommon Whore - Belinda McBride 3.5 stars

This genre is one of my secret (well, not any more) indulgences. I just love me some gay, slave, fantasy. Hey, don't knock it til you try it. ;D

Sucked in by P.L. Nunn's artwork on the cover (never know if you'll find another Bloodraven underneath), this sounded like an interesting read and it was.

It's kind of like Brokeback Mountain (but no cowboys) meets Star Wars mixed in with a lot of flashbacks about the atrocities perpetuated on our heroes (torture, slavery, rape, etc) whose world was taken over by space invaders. And this being a m/m gay fantasy, there's the requisite erotica encapsulated in our dudes' love story.

In this first book of the series, our hot effeminate (only due to his training/brainwashing) king, Helios (Lio), is discovered by his former guard/lover, the equally hot, dominant, Griffen (complete with eye patch, yum!), on some obscure planet. He has no memory of his former life but experiences a pull to Griffen that cannot be denied. Lo and behold... There's a rescue and all the hub bub that goes with being deprogrammed, regaining his memory, and renewing his relationship with his former lover. We also enjoy some introductions to supporting characters, sad recollections, answers to some of the earlier mysteries, as well as some hair-brushing (Griffen loves Lio's hair).

Despite the rescue and making it back to their new home planet, the story is far from over and the next book of the series is all about our boy Lio regaining his throne with Griffin by his side.

If you've ever been tempted to venture out and experiement with something new and risque and can handle some squeamish brutality, then this might be a good place to start.