Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas I have mixed feelings about liking this story. There was some very erotic moments...but maybe they shouldn't have been. However, I have to admit that I'm obsessed with psychology and the dark side of human behavior. This story certainly fits that bill.

If you're looking for a deep romance with a cookie cutter PC ending, I don't think this fits the bill. I'm not saying it ended badly. It just might make a lot of people mad...or happy. It depends on your idea of a HEA. I was actually surprised. I thought it would take a totally different turn. I like being surprised when I read, actually, as long as it doesn't leave me ruminating in despair for days.

I can't give the story a 5 and am actually leaning towards 3.5 stars because when questions were answered, there was some incongruity between actions taken by the characters (particularly the male) and the motives. I'm having a hard time actually formulating what I mean, but it was almost like the author had plans to go in one direction and changed her mind to go in a totally different one. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this story and wished I could be surprised all over again. If you like your stories a little on the dark side (or a lot; I might be desensitized ;), you should enjoy this book.