A Man to Be Feared - Anne Hampson
Let me just say...Woah! This was great! This little baby had so many twists and turns with angsty goodness that I'm going to be hard-pressed to find a decent follow up.

We start with a dowdy Cinderella, complete with scrubbing the floors and polishing the family's shoes, while she's given nothing but rags to wear. The family (aunt, uncle, cousin-without the h who was left at home) had gone off on vacation, where the evil cousin met the H, and he subsequently came to visit. Upon seeing a picture of him, she falls madly in love and tries to make herself noticable to him, which turns out to be a disaster. Due to actions on his part, the h's already horrible life becomes even more horrendous. Thus the need for Revenge!

After...her life changes. I can't give you details cause it just wouldn't be right, but she get's into a position where she's able to attract the H's attention and snag her prince (evil prince to her, mind you). Just as the synopsis tells us, there is some revenge involved...which made me sad, really. The second half of the book is full of moments where I was actually feeling so sorry for the H, and even the h for what she was tossing. But what do you think came of her plans? Well,the name of the book: A Man to be Feared! But I don't think he was all that fear provoking (maybe in the scenes we don't see), more like just made you want to smack him and put itching powder in his Hanes. He could've been like the H in Pagan Lover, now that guy was fearful.

There was some seriously rage-inducing OW scenarios that make you want to rip a telephone book in half. But while you hated it, you know she asked for it.

All the way through: anger...now rage!...here comes the angst...ah, satisfaction...back to angst...WTFery!!!!!!...more rage...even greater angst...misty eyes...back to ahhhhh, HEA. Lots of up and down with little lag.

And no hard limits, so in my opinion, it's safe for those who want an angsty/angry read but don't want a total trainwreck.