Mistress Of The Groom (Scandals!) (Harlequin Presents) - Susan Napier 4.5 stars
I stayed up to 2:00 am to finish this one. Thank you MelissaB for posting this! I had such a blast reading this story!

This story is a battle of the sexes (actually, the H seeking revenge and the h fighting back), though our H and h weren't playing on a level field, so guess who got the upper hand? The h was strong and likeable and was able to persevere no matter what horrors were thrown her way, and some were pretty low. Our H did some of the most horrible things to the h (not physically) I've ever read. I couldn't imagine how he would ever be redeemed, but the story vindicates him when you get the full picture of why.

And what an emotional roller coaster! It was very provoking but also endearing without being too syrupy. I found myself laughing out loud and clapping at some scenes and screaming "OMG, you can't be serious!" at others. One scene was pretty outrageous where it appears the H is going to force her into something. However, I think he just wanted to humiliate her, never expecting that things would go to fruition. I'm bringing it up because some other readers find that one scene pretty unforgivable. When you come to that part, you'll know what I'm talking about.

I definitely recommend this story but with the clause that I looooove dark, alpha males, so I hope it's not too much for some. For me, the twist with this one is that I didn't believe the H was really dark in character even though his actions towards the h were brutal. There was a basis for his behavior. If you can forgive someone totally ruining someone's else's life...but makes up for it, then you'll enjoy this read.