The Long Surrender - Charlotte Lamb Okaaay. Wow. That was certainly a ride. This was definitely a book for those with thick skins who like really really dark h...male leads. I can't call this guy a hero. He has to be one of the most manipulative, sociopathic, selfish, cruel, abusive...for no good reason, mind you...male characters I've come across in a long time. Not only did he not have a reason for his cruelty, it was perpetuated against someone who had sound logical reasons for her behavior towards him and who needed someone who was the exact opposite of him. The things he did to her and the revenge he enacted was way over the top. Some of the worst things he did was AFTER he discovered her history. In addition to purposely engaging with another woman just to make her jealous (and I think he might have even slept with her), he was verbally, physically and sexually abusive and downright mentally cruel. Charlotte really pulled out the big guns with this one. I don't see the story of these two ending in a HEA. The h's life is going to be a hellish one with this crazy guy.

But you'll see that I gave it 3 stars. That's because I actually like stories that are over the top, loaded with "WTF????", and "OMG-he didn't" moments. And those we have plenty of. They just kept coming. I could actually give it 4.5 stars for awfulness. So be warned, that this story probably wouldn't appeal to very many and might even offend those who like dark, alpha males. It's was almost too much for me.