Lost in Love (Harlequin Presents, #1665) - Michelle Reid I'm at the 50% mark. I'm trying not to flounce. The H in this book has me so pissed off. Even if he didn't screw around, the things he said to make her think he did were incorrigable. What a dick. At this point, I'd say hell with the brother and SIL and let them fix their own problems and get the frick away from this guy.

SURPRISE! The guy redeems himself...mostly ;) He had all the hate coming to him, though. And he was still controlling. That never changed. One thing I liked about this story was that, although the H was physically perfect (of course), he had many admitted flaws and insecurities. I like imperfections in my H's. I can't blame the heroine for her opinions and actions. I still don't know if I quite believe him, and I read the ending.

Decent enough book though. It might edge up to 3 1/2 stars. I so enjoy getting riled, it beats bored.